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Relief from Anger


Ever been in that situation where you just can’t seem to hold your temper and the outburst that follows is just epic or maybe anger is an every day occurrence and is seemingly taking over your life. When dealing with people or situations it is much better for everyone if you can approach it with a calm and in control disposition for the best outcome.



Anger isn’t somewhere anyone wants to live as it affects absolutely everything, clouding our decisions for making rational choices, affecting our relationships and very often our health causing unnecessary stress in the body and mind. It can seemingly stem from nowhere or stem from a trigger such as grief or a stressful event in life, whichever way it can be upsetting to see how those outbursts, physical or verbal,  affect and hurt others after the event. Also how it can prevent close relationships and connections with ones you love and others you need to work or interact with. It can leave us feeling guilty and alone when what you need to do is understand it, learn effective techniques to quell it and live a calmer life with a much happier outlook.

If you want to live that life of calm the anger relief package is for you. Compromising of a consultation, a powerful recording,an essential oil blend and 4x hour long sessions to learn quick techniques to really diffuse feelings of anger in the moment, to process emotions around events that have happened, let go of limiting beliefs about yourself or situations and to enable you to let life flow without the need for the old outbursts.