It is true that anxiety affects all of us at times in our lives, it’s whether the associated feelings and emotions that go with it are manageable or are they starting to tip the balance in a negative direction



Anxiety is a natural part of life and can be a way of us seeing that there is something going on that we just don’t completely resonate with or there is something that we consciously need to prepare for. The root cause of anxiety is generally in the future. So it can be something that is imminent such as a job interview, social event or doing something new/out of our comfort zone, it doesn’t even need to be anything sizeable.  Are we observing these feelings around future events, dealing with them and letting them go or is overthinking coming in to play? Is that anxiety we feel generalised, surrounding everything? There are so many tools and techniques that can be learned to help with these times in life, patterns and behaviours that may need to be let go of and an overriding sense of peace put in place to replace those intrusive thoughts you may be having to calm the anxious mind.

This package includes a full consultation, 4 x hour long sessions where you will learn where the anxiety/overthinking emanates from and how to purposefully deal with those emotions in the moment as they try to derail your equilibrium, learn how to see yourself in a different light without the labels you attribute yourself. You will also receive a bespoke recording to use at home to back up the work we do and a personalised aromatherapy oil which will be used in sessions with a vial to take home at the end of the package.