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Confidence/Self Belief


Self belief is what we believe to be true about ourselves with regards to everything in our lives including work, relationships and our own abilities. However sometimes this belief can become misaligned and negative due to external influences or even events from the past derailing our thoughts leaving our confidence low and affecting how we interact in the world.



When we gain positive self belief it in turn increases our self esteem and confidence in general and this allows us to feel better about ourselves. Therefore we become more productive at home and at work, our relationships benefit and it can allow us to manifest what we want feeling content and happy. However if we speak to ourselves in a negative way then it is highly likely that negative things will happen, the same as if you repeatedly tell someone else they are not good at something they will eventually start to believe it and not only that but live it too. If we extend this same courtesy to ourselves  it makes us doubt ourselves, lack in confidence, make mistakes and have a low opinion of ourselves even leading to low mood and in some cases depressive behaviours.
This package will rid you of those old beliefs whilst instilling new programs to allow positive self belief to be prevalent within you and to know that you are worthy of it. Comprising of the initial consultation, 4x hour long sessions, a powerful blend of aromatherapy oils and an empowering recording to use after the sessions to really boost the outcome of the work we have done. Find yourself in a much better place to be assertive, to feel confident and to fully believe in your own unique abilities.