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A short but powerful 1:1 course to really squash those nerves, get rid of limiting beliefs and allow us to excel when we really need to.



Testing seems to be the way that everything is validated these days, from exams at school and University to driving tests and appraisals at work. Maybe you are getting married or need to give a presentation or a speech at a family celebration…or both?. None of of this comes naturally to the majority of us and our nerves can derail us and overtake our ability to shine when we need to. Keeping calm and having belief in yourself and the right tools to manage your emotions are imperative in these cases and unfortunately not something we are taught at a young age. Learn how to keep calm under pressure, draw on the information you need and smash those nerves into smithereens in this short but powerful course on performance stress.
This package includes an in depth consultation, 3 x hour long sessions where you will learn an array of hugely effective tried and tested techniques, get rid of old beliefs about yourself including the release of emotions over past experiences that are affecting your confidence and customized therapy targeted at your own pain points. You will also receive a consultation, a bespoke recording to use at home and to specifically use before the event to solidify the work we have done and to really boost confidence in the moment. Also I will create a  personalised aromatherapy oil for you for self belief, confidence, calmness or whatever is needed for you. Leave the sessions feeling confident that you can achieve the results you want.