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Overcome Phobias & Fears


Is a fear or phobia interrupting your life? Maybe you need to take a trip and are scared of the flight or maybe a trip abroad is bringing up fears of spiders or bugs? Maybe your fear is of something really unconventional? Don’t let them hold you back. Take control of your emotions around anything that isn’t serving you well.



Fears and phobias are usually totally irrational and can be from an initial sensitizing event or something that has built up over time and been taken on as part of your make up. These fears are very often exasperated by others around you confirming that this thing is indeed a fact when surprisingly they can evolve from an event that didn’t even happen but you believe to be true because someone in close proximity to you has stated that this is indeed the case and our minds believe what we tell them. Know that however long or however severe we perceive our fear or phobia to be, our feelings around it can be changed. If there is an initial event that has caused the fear or phobia to start with then they can be completely eradicated in one session. However if the fear is a little more complex and also built up over time more sessions will be required as detailed in the package below.

This package includes a complimentary consultation to determine how the phobia or fear is to be dealt with and whether the package is needed. If the package is the route to be taken it will also include 3 x hour long sessions and a recording to back up the sessions that we have implemented and a vial of essential oil blend to relax the fearful mind.

If only 1  session is required with an initial sensitizing event then that will be £75 also with the oil and recording to take away.