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Pure Bliss – Relaxation


A beautiful 90 mins of pure ‘me time’ where you can fully relax your mind and body and escape the busyness of everyday life.



This fully immersive treatment incorporates a 45 min,  seated Indian Head, neck and face massage using beautiful blends of aromatherapy oils of your own choosing with the option of a tranquil playlist and a slideshow of nature to enhance your experience if you would like. Then you will lay on the couch to be transported, through the use of  a 30 min soothing script, to a place of pure relaxation for your mind and as you allow yourself to sink deeper into this state of pure bliss you will leave the cares of the world behind you and sync mind, body and spirit together in unison. Then time will be given for you to completely relax as you let the powerful beauty of this session be encapsulated within you, with your chakras balanced and your mind so deeply relaxed, taking those feelings with you throughout your day. A wonderful slice of peacefulness to help reset and rebalance your inner self. Pure Bliss!!