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One to One Weight Management


Losing weight can seem like an uphill battle and a minefield of calories, mindset and exercise. Let me take the stress out of those areas with my bespoke approach, giving you a dedicated 1 : 1 approach over a 6 month period.



In this comprehensive 1 : 1 package you will firstly receive an in depth consultation where we will discover how things work for you, specifically looking at your mindset around food, exercise and perception of your own body and how they translate into everyday habits and challenges. We will find out your ‘why’ as to gaining, losing or maintaining the weight you have and use this as your focus to really target your results. Next we will have 2 x  hour long sessions to really get your mind in the right place, to let go of old limiting beliefs and to formulate a plan for moving forwards to your goal. You will also receive healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks working on smaller portions packed with quality nutrition not low or no calorie foods that don’t fuel our bodies and concentrating on eating more often for weight gain, whist gradually increasing portion size to gain weight in a healthy, controlled way. You will also receive a large blended aromatherapy oil and recording to take away with you to either decrease or increase appetite in line with your goal. I will also see you for 6 x 30 min sessions on a monthly basis to keep you on track and weighing and measuring you to help you see the changes that are happening.  This a signature, holistic approach to weight management, which focuses on lifestyle change rather than deprivation and starvation to give you longevity with your personal goals.