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    “I felt overwhelmed, stressed, guilty about everything, overthinking and brain fog; even remembering regular daily activities felt like hard work. Katie was very understanding and caring and after an initial consultation, put together a plan of 3 sessions where I could let go of unwanted emotions from the past, not feel guilty and to empower my decision making and trust them again. The first session was incredible. I was exhausted at first, but, after a few days, my head started to feel so much lighter. After the second and third sessions I felt more in control, not feeling guilty, and doing what I truly wanted to do. “

    N.B -2023

    “Katie helped me with the Slim Holistic programme, which enabled me to lose 2 stone that had stuck after the menopause. The programme was easy to understand and I am so pleased with the results – I would definitely recommend!”

    G.W. – 2020


    “My experience from hypnotherapy with Katie has had such a positive impact on me and has allowed me to take control of my life from emotions that have kept me down for years. I am now able to approach life with an optimistic outlook for the first time in a long time. I have learned different tools and coping mechanisms that help me improve myself and my character more and more everyday!

    C.P – 2024

    ” I first contacted Katie after losing my wife in unexpected and traumatic circumstances, my life was in turmoil, two rounds of counselling did not seem to help, I was a mess. Katie put me at my ease from the start and together we began to work at easing my trauma from a different viewpoint. I credit Katie with putting me on the right road to self healing and acceptance of my circumstances. “

    J.D – 2022