What to Expect?


Work with me

It all starts with an initial 30 min discovery appointment to get to know you with a voice call, zoom or face to face session to determine if Holistic Haven is right for you and what you can expect working with me.

Then we book a full in depth consultation to really establish where you are right now and where you want to be. Empathetically delving deeper into those problem areas. Everything is done at your pace and with your goals at the heart of all work we undertake. There is no judgement or preconceptions of any kind made from my side, only how I can serve to help you.

Usually, to get you where you want to be takes a minimum of 4 sessions, plus the consultation depending on the issue and if anything else comes up along the way. These sessions are taken consecutively where possible to build up a cumulative effect and to be consistent with the changes you are making. I personalise everything to you, making it a completely bespoke service everytime.

Now an individual plan is put together and agreed using all the information gathered and the development part of the journey begins. All plans are subject to slight change in case of additional work around an area or pressing matters that need to be addressed. Sessions will continue until the desired goals are actively met and you are happy with your achievements.

This highly personal service is not a one size fits all treatment. I work intuitively with your individual personality, modalities and the issues facing you now whilst interrupting unhelpful patterns from the past and enabling a format that is flexible and powerful to meet your needs effectively.