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Down The Rabbit Hole Relaxation Audio


A wonderland adventure with a familiar story theme running through it. Let your mind be guided to a magical place of enchanting delight with you as the main character.

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Why do we need to relax?
There are so many reasons why it’s beneficial to relax our body and mind and several ways in which we can achieve it. Some great ways are walking, gardening, reading/audio books, crafting, meditation, exercise, sewing/knitting, baking, mindful movement eg. Eastern disciplines such as yoga. Any undertaking that allows complete absorption in the task in hand, to switch off from the stresses of everyday life. Relaxation is the main way that we tell our nervous system and in turn our internal organs that everything is ok. Times of stress and tension can wreak havoc within our bodies causing blood pressure to rise, palpitations, panic attacks, anxiety, anger and prolonged exposure to this state can set patterns up within which allows our bodies to malfunction. These can sometimes be experienced as things like digestive issues, lowered immune systems, headaches/migraines, stomach aches and perhaps feelings of hopelessness or depression. Symptoms may also present themselves much more mildly like feeling low, snapping at people over something trivial, being ‘on edge’ or feelings of being unable to cope. None of these things are sustainable within the human body, eventually something has to give and it can sometimes make us ill. However if we learn how to regulate ourselves and not allow these unwanted feelings to develop we can maintain homeostasis. One of the best ways I have found to attain this balance for myself and clients is through relaxation recordings because we don’t always have the time or inclination for the suggestions above. All it takes is a tiny portion of your day and to allow yourself to be transported somewhere else. A little holiday for your mind! There are several recordings to browse and choose from according to mood and individual taste.


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